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Top Data Science Certifications You Should Be Looking For

Data Science and Machine learning is continuing to become an indispensable skill to organizations who want to derive valuable insights and stay ahead of the increasingly competitive game. Every organization is morphing its skillset demand to include soft data science skills, to maintain enviable levels of expertise and business know how. A good example is our Business intelligence app that allows you to know all parameters surrounding your selected location and the demand for your business idea in that particular area.

The interface of the Predictive Analytics Lab Business Intelligence System where a user inputs details of his/ her business.

Over the past months, our jobs application app has recorded a steady increase in the number of job postings that mentioned both Machine Learning and Data Science skills as necessary for the jobs in question; evidence that there’s an increasing demand for a skillset that is relevant for today’s modalities of doing business.

Picture of the Predictive Analytics Lab  jobs app, showing some of the current job vacancies in the field

As a result of this growing need, tech companies and independent organisations step in to offer these skills to subscribers of their programs. Predictive Analytics Lab for instance, offers a wide range of training programs in Introductory & intermediate Data Science, Robotics programming for children, bottom-up industry training and Masterclasses in varying fields of Finance, Marketing, HR and Retail.

Certifications certainly can make a difference, but not all certifications are created equal. In this article we have analysed some of the certification programs in the Data Science field, that talent acquisition managers say actually move the needle in their decision to hire a candidate. If one of them is relevant to your field, its time to look into it and Enrol.

MIT Micro Masters Program in Statistics and Data Science

This MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science from MIT is encompassed of four online courses and a virtually proctored exam that will provide you with the foundational knowledge essential to understanding the methods and tools used in Data science, and hands-on training in Data analysis and machine learning. Enrollment to this program is open to anyone as there is no application process required. You only need to have a college-level knowledge in calculus and comfort with Mathematical reasoning and Python Programming Language Python programming language.

Through this Micromasters program, you will gain knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of probability and statistics. You will also learn, implement and later on experiment with data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms. Once done with the program, you can use the credential to apply for a Ph.D. in Social and Engineering Systems through the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society or may accelerate your path towards a Master’s degree at other universities of your choice around the world.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

If you are looking to get a hands-on interaction with IBM’s cloud services, this is the course to enrol for. The American tech company – IBM – offers these Data Science programs hosted on online platform; Coursera. Taught by IBM’s employees, learners get the chance to interact with open source software such as Jupyter/JupyterLab, GitHub, R Studio, and Watson Studio.

Over a period of 10 months, learners are exposed to basic data science knowledge in topics such as; What is data science, Tools for data science, Data science methodology, Python for data science & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Databases and SQL for data science, Data analysis with Python, Data visualization with Python, Machine learning with Python, and finally Applied data  science capstone.

Predictive Analytics Lab CEO & coach Tim Oriedo giving an address on Data Science and Analytics  at Radison Blu Hotel Nairobi.

Professional Machine Learning Engineer from Google

Google has been famed in the tech space for building a strong user experience with its customers, aside from providing a strong Internet-related service. Banking on their all in one feature package that allows a user the freedom of accessing a myriad of services such as calendar, drive back up, You Tube and the likes by virtue of owning a single email address is but one of their many notable successes.The technology company provides Machine Learning exams in beta for learners on the program and requires every learner to have at least three years hands-on experience with Google Cloud products and solutions.

The four hour program allows a learner to, in such a short time,  be equipped in the topics covering; Machine Learning (ML) problem framing, ML solution architecture, Data preparation and processing, ML model development, ML pipeline automation and orchestration and finally ML solution monitoring, optimization, and maintenance.

Predictive Analytics Lab Trainer Fiona shares her Screen during a Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing Class

Certified Analytics Professional Certification

The CAP certification program is an attraction to analytics practitioners in the early to mid-stage of their careers. Required to have attained a bachelor’s degree and five years of professional experience or a master’s degree with three years of work experience, students under this program cover the areas of Business problem framing, Analytics problem framing, Data, Methodology selection, Model building, Deployment and Life-cycle management.As an additional requirement, candidates are necessitated to sign the Code of Ethics for Certified Analytics Professionals and should submit a reference from an employer to confirm their soft skills.

The SAS Data Scientist Certifications

Apart from the free e-learning courses on statistics and SAS programming and administration, the program offers an in-depth training on three main professional – level credentials for its data certifications.

i. Data Curation

Students whose primary need is to quantify their experience with SAS data management tools & applications and other tools to prepare data for statistical analysis, are encouraged to enrol for this course.In it, learners will learn; Introduction to data curation, SAS data management tools and applications, SAS and Hadoop and finally Advanced SAS data management tools and applications.The requirements to join the data curation program are simple and easily manageable, as learners are needed to have had prior experience with SAS programming basics, data manipulation techniques, and SQL processing.

Predictive Analytics Lab Students, attending an Introduction to Data Science Class

ii. Advanced Analytics

If you have at least six months of programming experience and in using statistics in business, this is the program for you. The program offers a detailed guide into; Applied analytics using SAS Enterprise Miner, Neural network modelling, Predictive modeling using logistic regression, Data mining techniques, Open source models, Text analytics using SAS Text Miner, Time series modeling essentials, Experimentation in data science and finally Optimization concepts for data science.

iii. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

The third and final field on the SAS program is the AI & ML training. This particular course includes five online courses, 70 hours of access to cloud software, and three exam vouchers.The recommendation to join this program is that a learner needs to have prior experience with programming, SAS Viya, regression models, and neural network models.

Predictive Analytics Lab Trainer shares notes with the class during a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Class

Oracle Business Intelligence Certification

The OBIC training program prepares individuals to use Oracle software to optimize business operations, create reports, models, and forecasts. Among the categories offered include the BI Enterprise Edition, BI Applications among others.

Tensor Flow Developer Certificate Program

Developers who pass the exam can join the TensorFlow Certificate Network. This handbook covers the criteria for taking the exam, including a skills checklist, eligibility, and resources allowed during the exam. 

Tableau Desktop Specialist

The Tableau Desktop Specialist certificate is a program that helps learners use data visualisation tools in presenting data.For this course, learners need to have at least three months of experience with the platform. The Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Readiness program is a six-week program of interactive training, lessons, and up to two attempts at the certification exam.

Predictive Lab Student Ndegwa shares his Screen During a Virtual Data Visualization Class Presentation using Tableau

Why you need that Data Science Professional Certification

Professional Certification in Data Science shows potential employers that you are committed to your profession, well informed and are well qualified. This gives them confidence in your knowledge, skills and abilities. Certification makes you more valuable to employers, which will make you earn more than more than someone without certification. Again, Certification in Data Science will offer you advancement  and management opportunities since you stand out from the rest. You will have a competitive advantage over candidates without certificates, earn higher wages and receive tuition reimbursement for continuing education.

Wrap up !

There are almost as many requirements for earning a certificate as there are fields requiring them, so how you go about becoming certified has everything to do with what kind of certificate you want and what you want to do with it.  Registering at the right institution like Predictive Analytics Lab, a NITA certified training Centre for analytics will equip you with the right skills and Certification with certifying bodies like MapR, Dataiku, Kaggle, ABMC and LinkedIn.

It is undoubtedly necessary for employees and individuals alike to be in a constant state of reskilling and  Upskilling  themselves to maintain a highly sort after skillset that answers pre-existing systemic gaps. Failing to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that allow the continuous reshaping of one’s skills would be an inexcusable ignorance.

Get in touch with us today on  Predictive Analytics Lab or call us on +254705957968 to enroll for our Data Science programs.You can also send an email to


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  1. Hello,
    I am a practicing Oracle Financial Functional Consultant, with background in accounting. Currently am learning python self-learning.
    My interest are Data Science, Cloud Infrastructure and programming.
    Which certification would you advise me to start with.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank You Sosmus for finding time to read through our article. Given that you have a domain knowledge, the first step is to take foundational steps in Data science which is a multi dimensional course. That goes hand in hand with Programming the most recommended language being Python. You can then proceed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure most preferably start with Autonomous Database Specialist given it is the most sort after. However I highly recommend that you start with our classes because of the coaching part. Kindly reach me through for more discussion on the same.

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