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Application of Python Programming Language

Python has been used and loved by programmers all over the World since its first release in 1991.It is considered as one of the most versatile programming languages for building projects at enterprise level. It is important for you to know about these applications as they can play a crucial role in making things work in your favor. In this blog, I have examined some critical areas where Python can be used. 

Data science

In the current digital age, data science has taken prominence in providing organizations with invaluable understandings about the questions that trouble them most. Python provides the developers with a broad system of third-party packages like panda, NumPy and Sci-Kit for analyzing the massive data sets that are fed into a data analysis system.

Python makes it easier for a service provider to apply big data analytics techniques, which makes analysis and interpretation of complex data to be quick and efficient hence providing valuable outputs.

Operating systems

Operating systems apps made with Python are driving masses of computers today. When Python is combined with the C programming language, many operating systems are developed. Several Linux based operating systems have been coded in Python. Examples of this operating systems include: Fedora, Ubuntu Ubiquity and RedHat enterprises anaconda installer.

Web development

Using Python for web development is simple since there is a typical back-end logic that goes into making many frameworks that support Python. A developer can access a vast number of libraries like https, FTP, and SSL.

Python web frameworks provide unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and security. Using the rich set of libraries and a large variety of web frameworks, a python developer can build high-quality web applications at a rapidly. Web development is one of the most popular areas where Python is used.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects require a language that is stable, secure and flexible since they are different from other traditional software. Python is the best fit for such projects since it has all the required qualities. To add on that, python is equipped with tools that are capable of handling various unique requirements of a machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.

Python packages like seaborn can be used for data visualization, TensorFlow for machine learning, and SciPy for advanced computing. Building real-time applications with Python is easier using the above-mentioned packages.

Computer aided designing applications

Computer-aided designing applications are known to be very complex. However, Python programming language makes the process of building CAD applications simple. Python makes this possible by providing the developers with various tools.

Fandango is one of the widely used applications that is built with Python.

Image processing and graphic designing applications

The Python programming language is used by many developers to design and build various 3D imaging software. Some of this software include: GIMP, Paintshop Pro, and Scribus. Python language is known to be versatile and flexible, which enables developers to build even 4D packages like Maya cinema 4D and Lightwave.

Desktop GUI

Python is a simple, consistent, and platform-independent programming language with a huge collection of resourceful libraries. It is the best choice for developing desktop GUI applications as desktop applications developed by Python are fast and effective.

The significant advantage of Python is the English like syntax along with a modular architecture. To add on that, the ability of Python to work with multiple operating systems and its rich text processing tools make Python the best choice for building desktop-based applications. Using toolkits like PyQt, PyGUI, Kivy, and WxPython, the python developers can build high-quality graphical user interfaces pretty quickly.

Embedded applications

Python programming language is based on the C language. Therefore, building embedded C software applications with Python is easy.

Raspberry Pi is an example of an embedded application that uses Python for performing elaborate high-level computations. Computing high-level applications on smaller devices is relatively easy with Python, and hence it is a popular language amongst embedded system developers.

Game development

Numerous Python-based mobile apps are widely used in the gaming community. Libraries like PySoy, a 3D game engine supporting Python 3 can be used.

World of tanks, Disney’s Toontown, battlefield 2, and Civilization IV are some of the popular games which have been built using Python. Furthermore, Python is a popular scripting language for many game engines, and it also contributes to building various interactive games.

Web scraping applications

These applications are designed to extract data from websites. This data is then used in many different processes like job listings, price comparisons, and research & development.

Python-based web-scraping tools like scrapy, Python requests, Mechanical Soup, and Beautiful Soup make the job of a python developer easier. Web scraping applications are written in Python prove to be high-quality apps.

Building enterprise-level applications

Readability, scalability, and extensibility features are required in any organization’s application. Python can help in building these applications more easily, due to its scalability, readability, and flexibility.

By using tools like Odoo and Tryton, a python development company can quickly build enterprise-level business applications.

Audio and video applications

Popular music apps like Spotify have been built using Python. Specific libraries of Python, like openCV and PyDub help the python developers in building state-of-the-art audio/video applications. The high-level functionality provided by these python libraries is unmatched which makes many python developers to develop outstanding audio/video applications.

Some famous applications built with Python

Python is used for building many different types of applications, which include social media applications, Taxi booking applications, cloud sharing applications, video streaming applications, and many more. Some of the famous apps built using Python are:

  • Dropbox
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • Uber
  • Spotify
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

Summing up

If you have chosen Python, then you have taken the right path towards building an excellent project. You therefore have to hire python developers who have the required experience in managing complex python projects. We at Predictive Analytics Lab have an excellent team, with years of experience in developing high-quality python projects. Our able team will support you in achieving your goal of building an exceptional python project.

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