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Top Data Science YouTube Channels You Should Watch

In the past few years, online education has drastically evolved and changed the face of modern schooling. Online  learning platforms  have not only made available opportunities for self-learning, but have also created a community of like-minded people to easily share information and as a result upskill themselves to match the demand brought about by the digital age.

With over a billion users worldwide, YouTube has become the go to place for finding, watching and sharing videos with more than 300 hours of videos being uploaded on the platform every minute. Contrary to some people’s belief ,YouTube videos are not just for fun as there are also many educational uses of videos with over a billion learning-related videos being viewed on the platform every day. The prolific growth of smart phones has meant that anyone can create a video and upload to YouTube with just a few clicks. The videos can then be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and embedded into blogs, websites and virtual learning environments.

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Without a doubt – the Internet – YouTube for one, has increased knowledge sharing, and has provided an alternative from the normal books you can read to equip you with enviable programming skills, refining you into becoming a better Data Scientist. In this article, we look into a couple of YouTube channels you should look out for, to help you learn from industry and academic experts on how to solve real world  problems  using Data Science.


This Chanel was started by John Starmer in the year 2011 with the aim of explaining statistics to his former colleagues. The channel instructs you to be smarter and understand statistics and Machine Learning better, which are fields that may often seem quite challenging. John explains Data Science in the simplest of ways resorting to remove hard terminology and instead illustrates the concepts with images. His goal with StatQuest is to divide the key techniques into easy bits. Consequently, it’s easier to understand significant methodologies.

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2.Corey Schafer

On June 01, 2006, Corey Schafer joined YouTube – just a year after it was founded. His channel covers topics for all different skill levels, so if you’re a beginner or just being introduced to the field or have several years of experience, this is the channel to watch.

Corey’s channel carries the benefit of him having already posted a broad range of videos covering all rounded topics such as: Python , Git, programming environments, Terminal commands, SQL, programming words, JavaScript, computer science foundations, and several other tips and tricks to aid you in your career. It is a very efficient channel and will aid you gain insight and advice from his several years of real-world experience.

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Sentdex was started in 2012 by Harrison a founder of several organizations that use Python programming language .The channel provides some of the best programming material for Python. He has developed tutorials for Artificial Intelligence, deep analysis, Machine Learning, facial recognition – all of which are an improved way of educating aspiring data scientists who cannot connect physically due to the geographical limitation. Numerous Python programming tutorials on web development, robotics, game production, finance, are provided to you from the comfort of your Internet connectivity.

It is an open-source community of hectic learners who learn how to code and develop non-profit projects. It was started by Quincy Larson, a software developer who took post-graduate programming. He has created thousands of engaging coding tutorials and videos and makes all of them publicly accessible. There are thousands of freeCodeCamp study groups worldwide. The channel however has videos on Python tutorials, data analysis with Python, machine learning, Deep Learning and JavaScript tutorials.

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5. Blue1Brown

3blue1brown, from Grant Sanderson, is a perfect blend of math and entertainment. The aim is to offer animated explanations and to simplify complicated problems with changes of perspective. Grant previously investigated mathematics at Stanford, including a decent touch of computer science education. And has ever since pointed his work towards venturing deeper into his true passion for math.

Launched on March 04, 2015 Grant’s approach for creating his 100 plus videos is to first provide a core image of the subject, and then proceed to revolve the plot around it. He sees issues from a new, unorthodox perspective in topics such as linear algebra, neural networks, calculus, transformations in Fourier, bitcoin math, quantum mechanics, etc.

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6. Krish Naik

Krish Naik is a lead data scientist, a pioneer in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, and an educator and a mentor with over eight years of industry experience. On his YouTube channel, going about by his name, he explores  topics related to machine learning, deep learning, and AI, with several real-time problems. His main goal is to familiarize everyone with ML and AI.

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7. Python Programmer by Giles McMullen-Klein

This is the first channel so far that doesn’t have its owner being someone with a background in programming. Giles McMullen-Klein is an artificial intelligence and machine learning journalist who began posting his content in 2008, comprising tutorials in Python, data science, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). He tries to enlighten people on how to learn and where to find the best learning resources

A screenshot of the Predictive Analytics Lab YouTube Channel which has several Data Science Videos

8.Tech With Tim

Tim began his channel as a freshman studying computer science, back in 2014. His channel aims to share all sorts of tech and programming courses ranging from the fundamentals of programming to AI and ML. He offers Python programming tutorials, Python game creation, Python machine learning, Python neural networks, and many other data science fields
To add on that, the channel material is linked to other programming languages and general guidance, ideas, and tips for aspiring programmers or software engineers.

9.Brandon Foltz

Brandon Foltz joined YouTube in 2011. He’s an instructor, curriculum designer, and course designer with nearly 16 years of experience in this area. His lectures concentrate on introductory statistics, finite mathematics, economics, business administration, and basic accounting. His videos are full-length lessons based on the conceptual analysis of data science statistics and mathematics.

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Tiffany Janzen is the owner of this channel – Tiffin. She aims to set a pattern for all those who are afraid of switching their professions. Janzen’s career started in the fashion and modeling industries and she later decided to turn to technology after attending a  coding bootcamp . Janzen shows the audience what tech has to offer through her YouTube platform Tiffin. It helps people better their daily lives by providing practical and inspirational knowledge. It also gives its audience meaning and confidence by preserving authenticity. She has built a loyal following by sharing her everyday life in tech, fashion, business, and many other areas of daily life.

11. Hello Mayuko

Having worked as a senior iOS software developer with companies such as Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix, Inoue Mayuko’s online content is intended to allow people to move across the technology industry and life, via videos on lifestyle, career, and technical advice, exploring topics like impostor disorder, cultural identity, and emotional instability. She joined YouTube with her Hello Mayuko channel on October 4, 2010.

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Summing Up

At a moment when people around the world are spending more time at home, majority of us are struggling with the suspension of everyday activities, like going to school, working from the office, attending weddings, or even going to the salon. Our new reality of doing almost everything at home is challenging for almost everyone. But you can seize the opportunity to learn new things through YouTube and tackle tasks you used to outsource.

YouTube Videos on Data Science create a more engaging sensory experience as you actually get to see and hear the concept being taught, and process it in the same way you can process your everyday interactions. These videos provide a go-to resource that can be watched from anywhere with an internet connection and accessible on a multitude of devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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