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Happy Labour Day!

This labour day finds me attending the world AI Summit in Dubai. On my way here while on the plane i started reflecting on the magnitude of automation to the future of work. That’s a topic that is taking a centre stage of the discussions at the AI summit.
Emerging themes on concept of misplaced workers – those going to work but non or low impact roles is fueling the drive towards a universal guaranteed income a concept that will see workers being freed from doing jobs they don’t like.
As we celebrate Labour day lets pose to reflect on these realities. We are fast approaching an Era of Humagorithmic workforce where Humans work alongside Robots to create efficiencies and scale. This is seeing a shift from co-workers to cobot- working alongside robots.
To drive towards this, the focus now is on retooling and reskilling the workforce to reorient them towards the emerging dispensation. We look forward to having you and your organisation on board our Big Data career transformation program as you prepare for the future of work. Our program now in its 4th month (See Photos Here) has so far transformed executives who are now transitioning into Data Scientists which is according to World Economic Forum WEFone of the worlds sexiest job.

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