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Best Python IDEs and Code Editors in 2020 (Part 3)

According to part one and two of our article, Text editor is basically an editor, whose main function is to edit the source code and it therefore doesn’t possess any integrated tools or packages. While IDE on the other hand, has an integrated file management system and deployment tool that provides support to SVN, CVS, FTP, SFTP, framework among others.

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Code editors may be integrated or stand-alone applications. In this article, we have examined some of the top code editors as preferred by the Python developer’s world-wide.

9.Sublime Text

It is a cross-platform text editor developed on C++ and Python with a Python API. Sublime is developed to support many other programming and markup languages, where it allows a user to add other functions with the help of plugins.

Screenshot of Sublime

Features of Sublime

Sublime has a multiple selections feature that changes several things at a time and commands palette to sort, change the syntax and change indentation. Additionally, it has GOTO anything for opening files with few clicks and can navigate to words or symbols. Sublime has high performance, powerful API and package ecosystem. It is also highly customizable which allows split editing, instant project switch and has cross-platform. To get to learn this practical features, watch our orientation class for a recent cohort.

Pros and Cons of Sublime

Sublime is compatible with language grammars and allows a user to choose specific preference related to projects. It also has a GOTO definition feature to generate an application wide index of each method, class, and function. Moreover, it shows high performance and has a powerful cross-platform user interface toolkit. Nevertheless, Sublime text can sometimes be intimidating to new users initially and it does not have a strong GIT plugin.

10. Atom

It is an open source code editor, basically a desktop application built through a web technology having plugin support developed in Node.js. Atom is based on atom shells which are a framework that helps to achieve cross-platform functionality and can be used as an Integrated Development Environment.

Screenshot of Atom

Finest Features of Atom:

Atom works on cross-platform editing perfectly, thereby increasing the performance of its users. It has an in-built package manager and file system browser and helps users to write script faster with a smart and flexible auto-completion. Atom also supports multiple pane features, finds and replaces text across an application.

Developers learning how to use Atom code editor at

Pros and Cons of Atom

It is very simple to use it and allows UI customization to its user. Atom has a lot of support from the crew at GitHub and has a strong feature for opening the file to retrieve data and information. Nevertheless, the bad thing with Atom is the fact that it takes more time to sort the configurations and plugins since it’s a browser-based app. The Tabs are also clumsy, which slows down the loading and reduces the performance.

11. Vim

It is a highly configurable open source text editor used for creating and modifying any type of text. VIM is a very stable text editor which can be used as command line interface or as standalone application.

Greatest Features of Vim

It is very persistent with a multilevel undo tree. Vim comes with an extensive system of plugins and provides a wide range of support for many programming files and languages. It also has a powerful integration, search and replace functionality.

Screenshot of Vim

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vim

Vim provides both the Normal and editing mode, for the user to work on. It comes with its own scripting language which allows behavior modification and custom functionality. Furthermore, it supports the non-programming applications which every other editor does not have. Strings in VIM are nothing but command sequences which allows the developer to save then reuse later.

In terms of disadvantages, Vim is only a text edit tool and doesn’t have a different color for the pop up shown. It also does not have an easy learning curve which makes it difficult to learn at the beginning.However, this should not discourage you from using it as you can visit us at to get one on one training using Python.

12. Visual Studio

It is an open source code editor developed mainly for the development and debugging of latest web and cloud projects.

Top Features of Visual Studio:

It has a strong integration with GIT which enables one to perform GIT operations like push, straight from the editor itself. Visual Studio also supports syntax highlighting and auto code complete feature with IntelliSense which completes syntax based on variable types and function definition. Furthermore, it has a powerful debugger which allows the user to debug from the editor itself. Watch a previous class on model deployment here

Screenshot of Visual Studio

Pros and cons of Visual Studio

It provides multi-language support and has a good layout and smart interface. Visual Studio also has a vertical orientation and multi-split window feature. However, searching with visual studio code is very slow and it also takes an ample amount of time to launch it.


We have come to the end of our evaluation of the top Python IDEs and text editors as used by developers worldwide. We have seen that a code editor is a tool that is used to write and edit code. However, once your program gets larger, you need to test and debug your code, that’s where IDEs come in.

Hopefully, our short descriptions helped you get an overview of the landscape. We at predictive analytics lab  encourage you to learn  more about the IDEs  and Text editors that caught your attention by registering with us at

Our team of experts at will also organize for one on one executive data coaching sessions,  which will help you chose the IDE that best meets your personal and organizations requirements.


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