The most valuable thing is your Organization

We care about your organization performance by drilling sense out of data from your organization and environment.

Employees KPIs

Employees are the major players who drive success in your company, motivated employees help drive growth.

Our Key performance indicators for employees major mainly on important metrics which help any organization to measure their performance and in turn come up with important resolution to bring changes which will intern help the organization to grow.

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Data Analytics Trainings

As predictive analytics we pride ourselves in providing the best training in data analytics skills to various industries players.

We have successfully done trainings to companies in a number of econonmic sectors. Our trainings ranges from data analytics, blockchain technology, big data, Artificial inteligence, machine learning, Key performance index, open source inteligence, Algorithmic marketing and trading etc.

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Customer KPIs

Here are some of the customer satisfaction KPIs you need to measure to make sure your customers change their tune.

Our indicators include net promoters score, customer retential rate, customer profitability, customer lifetime value, customer turnover rate, customer engagement, customer complaints, market share, market share growth etc. All this can be calculated in our portal.

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Sales and Marketing KPIs

As an organization you need to analyse how you are doing in terms of sales volumes and market analysis.

Our sales and marketing ranges from analysing market share, market growth, brand equity, cost per lead, conversion rate, search engine rankings, click-through rate, customer online engagement, online share of voice, social networking footprints to page views.

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Human Resource Surveys

The best organization hire the best people, analysing how far your organization is doing in HR is important.

OUr human resource models are based on how organization uses data analytics to manage their human resource. We have categorised all organization into four different categories as from Level 1 to level 4. You will be required to fill a questionnaire and get your score with recommendation.

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We are well experienced

Our team is comprised of the best team which always brainstorms to provide solutions to be used in organization in order to improve their performance in cooporate world.

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